About service

We make sure that your website is regularly updated, actively protected and administered by a very experienced and dedicated web developer, who will make sure to stay on top of any of your potential requests.


Improved speed and performance

Updating WordPress, plugins, and themes helps you get the best performance. Upgrades to the website’s speed are frequently included in new updates.

Increased security

WordPress and WooCommerce both have security updates that should be made regularly to make sure your site is secure from malicious attacks, malware, bots, and spammers.

Better compatibility

WordPress and WooCommerce both have frequent updates that can help ensure that your site is compatible with the latest versions of the software.

Functionality improvements

Regular updates of your WordPress/WooCommerce, plugins, and themes will improve the functionality of your website, which leads to better user experience and may result in increased sales.

Improved SEO

WordPress and WooCommerce both come with SEO tools that can be used to optimize your site for search engines. Regular maintenance can help ensure that you are properly utilizing these tools.

Bug fixing

WordPress, plugins, and themes release new versions on a regular basis to keep the software up to date with new features, tools, and market trends. New versions of the software are released to correct any glitches or bugs and allow it to perform at its best.

Dedicated team

We do not swap our clients between multiple different developers and members of our team. You get in touch with team members dedicated to you that will administer your website, learn about your needs, and support you during our cooperation. We believe in long-lasting business relationships and want you to feel like having a friend, who can take the burden of any website related issues off your shoulders.

Save time & resources

By handing over web management to us, you can focus on taking care of business development and save time of your employees, who can instead focus on more important tasks that they are familiar with and that no one else can do in their stead.

Cost optimization

To manage a website well you will need a web developer, a designer and a digital marketer. If you hire just one of them to do the job the results will definitely not be optimal. It is not an easy task to find people who are experts in several fields. By using Webinity you will be able to have all that guaranteed within your subscription plan.


What is Webinity?

Webinity is a comprehensive package of services, under which, we secure, update and monitor WordPress and WooCommerce websites and e-commerce platforms on an ongoing basis. Our dedicated team aims to provide you with a service that will enable you to stay fully focused on developing your business instead of worrying about any website related issues.

Is your offer right for me?

Are you able to work on websites or e-commerce platforms other than WordPress and WooCommerce?

What are the subscription plans I can choose from?

Can I cancel or change my subscription at any time?

Can you make modifications to my website or add new features on request?

How quickly will you react when I report a problem or if you detect one?

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“After developing a website for our main IP, Dying Light (dyinglightgame.com), we naturally needed regular administration and technical support of our website. We recommend Webinity to anyone who is looking for high-quality task performance, quick response to crisis situations, and a partner for regular consultations. Thanks to this solution, we can save time and internal resources that would be needed to manage the website ourselves.“

Magdalena Marcinkowska

Digital Producer - Team Lead


“We have been using Webinity for our e-commerce platform for over 3 years now. They always do their best to help us even when we come up with high priority tasks on short notice. We are pleased to recommend Webinity to anyone in need of regular support for their e-commerce platform.”

Bartosz Wogórka

Head of IT & Operations
Eqology AS


“Their team is fantastic to work with. They provide excellent customer service and always deliver high-quality work. Highly recommended!”

Levi Hanssen

Brand & Marketing Manager

Faroe Islands

“The company ensures a fast flow of information, thanks to which we are kept up to date on all the changes we request, and its services are provided by experienced specialists with high communication skills, both in operational and commercial areas. A friendly and open attitude to our requirements encourages continued cooperation.”

Piotr Gabor

Co-Founder & Member of the Board


“We have been using Webinity for several years, as a part of extensive cooperation. We are very satisfied with the administration of our website www.i-pcc.pl/en/- we do not have to worry about technical updates of the website and its security, because the offered service ensures ongoing stability of our website. All graphic and administrative tasks (e.g. adding new subpages and content) are also carried out very efficiently and within a short time. Cooperation with their team assigned to support our company is hassle-free.”

Natasza Rabsztyn-Piekarska

Marketing & Sales Manager


“A well-functioning website has always been our priority. The fact that I no longer have to wonder whether the plugins are up to date, whether it is well secured, or if the website loads quickly enough is a great advantage to me. Their team answers all my questions and doubts and quickly implements the changes I request. Full professionalism. Thank you.”

Agnieszka Zychowicz

Founder & Business Manager
Make Believe Graphics