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Comprehensive care for your WordPress and WooCommerce based website.

Why Webinity

A technology-first approach to website administration

Webinity is the fruit of our hard labor on administration and development of Internet websites for over 8 years. Our experience allowed us to take an innovative approach to bring safety and peace of mind to your online business.

Let us take care of your website, while you can fully focus on your business.

Complete support

Our services

Administration of WordPress and WooCommerce

We make sure that your website is regularly updated, actively protected and administered by a very experienced and dedicated web developer, who will make sure to stay on top of any of your potential requests.

Technical Support

We provide world-class technical support for our clients. We are always there to help you with your website. We understand that any second of your online absence can be very costly.

Web Development

Our experienced web developers will help you with any further development of your website and provide you with their recommendations regarding the best possible solutions.

Regular Updates

Updating your website regularly is an important part of running any business with an online presence. We will make sure that your system and plugins are always up to date.

Regular Backups

Investing in regular backups is an important step you can take to protect your website. By using webinity you can be sure that even if something unfortunate does occur, you won’t have to start from scratch.

Online Security & Protection

Comprehensive website security protects you from potential financial losses that may result from data breaches or other cyberattacks.

Expert Recommendations

Our team consists of experienced Senior Product Managers, Web Developers, and Designers. We will always propose and adjust our solutions to your goals, market trends and technical requirements.

UX Audits (on request)

A UX audit is an essential tool that any product team or startup company should have as an asset. It helps businesses fix problems efficiently, increase retention, boost sales, and create an excellent product.

Graphic Design Projects (on request)

Experienced graphic designers are also a part of our team. Need a new banner, pop-up, product design or any other graphic design project? Just let us know!

Let us tell you

How it works

Free implementation

We do not charge anything for the process of adding your website to webinity.

Quick response time

Our team of dedicated specialists assigned to your website is always quick to respond to any requests.


You can resign from our subscription at any time, without any consequences. You will be billed only for the billing period you initially chose.

Meet our clients

What our clients say about webinity

Magdalena Marcinkowska

Digital Producer - Team Lead


“After developing a website for our main IP, Dying Light (, we naturally needed regular administration and technical support of our website. We recommend Webinity to anyone who is looking for high-quality task performance, quick response to crisis situations, and a partner for regular consultations. Thanks to this solution, we can save time and internal resources that would be needed to manage the website ourselves.“

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Create an account instantly and start using webinity. You can also contact us to design a custom solution for your business. Let us take care of your website, while you can fully focus on your business.